Braking system

You will only appreciate the full benefits of a performance upgrade on your car if you also upgrade other area's of the car's behaviour, brakes being one of the  most important, being able to go faster is not much use  without being able to stop both  faster and safer. The cheapest option  would be to upgrade the brake pads to ones that don't fade as much from high speed, these are often known as   "fast road" and can improve the braking by approx 30%, in addition to this a change of discs, calipers and brake fluid will give you a vastly improved braking system that is safe and will enable you to use the extra hp from the performance upgrade.

We are more than happy to discuss without obligation your individual braking requirements, whether it be for road or race applications, you will also find our pricing policy to be fair. Our extensive experience and  quality approach has been gained through our success in rallying, please see the rallysport section for more  information on our motorsport activities. Your braking problems can be solved by talking with us either in person, telephone or e-mail.






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4 piston caliper

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