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The Legendary Audi Ur-Quattro Work that Automobile Koch has  done on this great car:
Model: Audi ur-quattro
Manufactured: 1984
Power Output: 200 PS (147 kW) / 5500 rpm
Valve Train:   
Bore & Stroke:
5 Cylinder  in line  
10V ohc  
2144 ccm  
79,5 mm * 96,4 mm
Induction System:  
Bosch K-Jetronic and turbocharger KKK K26
Drive: Permanent Four Wheel Drive
Gearbox: 5 Speed
Front Brakes:  
Rear Brakes:
ventilated Discs  
Maximum Speed: 222 km/h
Max weight: 1335 kg  
Wheels & Tyres:   
Alternative size:
215/50 VR 15 on  8J H2  
225/50 VR 15 on  8J H2
Wheelbase: 2524 mm
Front Track:  
Rear Track:
1416 mm  
1494 mm
4404 mm  
1723 mm  
1344 mm
2 position Diff locking  
Onboard Computer  
Sports Trim  
Power Steering
Notes: aftermarket catalysator installed through Koch Automobiles

The car was built in 1984 with an inline 5 Cylinder 10 Valve 2.2 litre engine ,which is both turbocharged and intercooled the turbocharger used was a KKK26 this originally produced an impressive 147kw (200ps).


A Brief History

The UR Quattro was launched at the 1980 Geneva Motorshow and caused quite a sensation as it was the worlds first production sportscar with a permanent four wheel drive system. It's performance was also impressive with a 0 to 100km/h time of 7.1 seconds with that kind of performance it has endeared itself to many owners and is fast becoming a modern day classic. It then went on to change the face of World Rallying with a long and successful competition history. 

The new price back in 1980 was  49.900.- DM, (17000 gbp approx).From the 1984 model year the Ur-Quattro was revised with a new Digital instrumentation, Speach computer and 8 inch wide alloy wheels fitted with 215/50 VR 15 tyres

The 1985 model year saw further changes with the addition of the flat H1/H4 style of headlight's and smoked rear light lenses the price also changed to 75000 DM (26000 gbp approx).Further revisions saw the introduction of a slightly larger capacity engine and a change to the Torsen type of differential, outwardly there was little difference in appearance apart from Audi's four ringed logo on the bootlid.

The last change to be made was the introduction of the 20V engine which has to be the ultimate Ur-Quattro. 


Homepage of the owner:



sandblasted and new painted, wheels now with Yokohama tires

original urquattro Felgen

engine reworked

10V Motor Ur-Quattro


gearbox reworked


dig. pressure gauge installed

dig_press_t.jpg (4646 Byte)


new gas pressure shocks installed, including wheel adjustment

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